houses and flats

Whats for you!

Is it a house or is it a flat? when you are looking at a new property be it for investment or your own home you generally have two main choices to decide on!


Negatives… shared community charges, maintenance, entrances, gardens (if one) noise volumes from neighbours directly above or below… Leaking or directly affected by a neighbours bad maintenance of there own property…

Pluses… Cheaper floor space costs, no huge bills for maintenance, ie. it is normally shared throughout the block.. you may have ┬áconcierge on site to take parcels for you! good view from a 22nd floor social and interactive lifestyle and part of a community spirit may be present in your block!



Negatives… ┬áSoul charge of any large repairs, ie. roof, sewage, groundwork, possibility of a higher council tax banding, garden to maintain and maybe a higher cost to heat the property.


Pluses… A garden of your own, no sharing a hallway or front door, generally a quieter impact from neighbours, maybe a driveway and garage if you have a car, quieter locations are also more feasible with a house purchase.